ACE Cash Express Partnership

Back on My Feet is committed to using running to help those experiencing homelessness transform their own lives and achieve employment and independent living.  As such, we structure our national partnerships to include three major components to help us achieve our mission:

  1. Employee engagement (running with our teams, participating in Sneaker Week, becoming Board Members)
  2. Programmatic support (employing our Members or training our Members)
  3. Financial support (covering programmatic costs to help us grow and expand)

Back on My Feet’s community impact and holistic approach to partnerships is what initially engaged ACE Cash Express in our program in Dallas.  Through this local partnership, ACE Cash Express employees spent nearly 50 hours leading 24 Financial Literacy training sessions in 2012.  The curriculum includes Introduction to Banking and Understanding Credit.  In 2012, more than 100 Residential Members (individuals experiencing homelessness enrolled in the Back on My Feet program) were trained thanks to ACE’s partnership.

Because of their history, many Residential Members are not able to access mainstream or traditional banking services, including savings and checking accounts.  To help Back on My Feet Residential Members overcome this barrier to self-sufficiency, they have an opportunity with ACE Cash Express to open direct deposit accounts, some of which offer up to a 5% return.

In addition, ACE Cash Express employees run with local Back on My Feet teams, supporting their teammates on the road to employment and independent living.

This type of hands-on community engagement truly makes a difference by improving the lives of our Members.  

Please see our Questions and Answers page for more information.  If you have additional questions, please contact Rachelle Damminger at 215.772.1080 x107.