The Need

On any given night, more than 500,000 people experience homelessness in the United States - which means they were sleeping outside or in an emergency shelter or transitional housing program. It is unacceptable that half a million individuals in America are unable to find stable housing and sustainable employment. The need for Back on My Feet is immense, present in our cities and suburbs too, and more resources must be brought to bear to end this national social crisis.  

"At first, it was very humbling, living in a homeless shelter, very roommate told me about Back on My Feet. The first morning run kicked my butt, but it gave me back the motivation I had be missing, that's what I needed." Remmy- Back on My Feet Member

What It Takes 

To build a sustainable Back on My Feet chapter requires partnerships with local shelters and facilities; a strong running community committed to the Back on My Feet mission and community and corporate leaders invested in the sustainability of the chapter. It takes approximately $500,000 initial revenue to launch a new Back on My Feet chapter.

Back on My Feet receives hundreds of requests for Back on My Feet chapters nationwide and around the globe. If you have funding ideas, a supportive community and a passion for our work, request a Back on My Feet chapter below. If you’d like to be a leader in bringing Back on My Feet to your city, let us know. Together, we can transform lives through the seemingly simple act of putting one foot in front of the other.

Request a Chapter

Our goal is to continue to expand Back on My Feet in an exciting, engaging and responsible way. If you have funding ideas, a supportive community and love to run, tell us why Back on My Feet should come to your city!